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John Goehrs isn’t just an attorney, and he isn’t just a real estate broker; he’s both. As a professional licensed to practice law and conduct real estate transactions, John Goehrs can help you with a variety of legal matters in the Austin, TX area. Call today to request a free consultation for legal and real estate services, including:

Civil law
Debt collection
•Residential real estate
•Real estate transactions and litigation
•Construction issues

Have an expert real estate broker work with you on all stages of real estate transactions

Licensed real estate broker and real estate law attorney in Austin, TX

The process of buying and selling a property in the Austin, TX area can be extensive. When buying a home or other property, you need an expert real estate broker that understands every facet of the real estate practice. Licensed real estate broker John Goehrs has over 30 years of real estate experience in the area. He knows the city well and can help you find the property that is right for you, but, more importantly, he fully understands the legal side of real estate and can facilitate a smooth transaction.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a property in and around Austin, rely on the experience and certification of John Goehrs. Call today at (512) 413-9054 to schedule a free consultation.

Hire an experienced attorney for legal matters in Austin, TX

John Goehrs is experienced in many areas of legal practice

There are many legal issues that require the professional assistance of an experienced attorney. When you encounter legal matters involving real estate, civil, or debt collection law, rely on attorney John Goehrs. We know that dealing with legal disputes can be confusing and stressful, that’s why we work diligently with you to help you understand the law and reach a resolution that is in your best interests

Attorney John Goehrs is available to come to you at your convenience for a free consultation regarding your legal matters. The actions you take during legal disputes can have long-lasting effects, so don’t wait, call attorney John Goehrs today at (512) 413-9054.

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Cedar Park
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