Make Your Medical Care Wishes Known

Attorney John Goehrs prepares directives to physicians

If you were diagnosed with a terminal or irreversible condition, would you want doctors to use artificial methods to keep you alive? Even if you’re incapacitated, you can make your wishes known using a directive to physicians.

John Goehrs Attorney at Law can help you draw up a clear, legally binding directive. He’ll guide you through the process by relying on his 24 years of experience. Talk to him about your wishes today.

Who can act as a witness to your directive?

For your directive to be valid, two responsible adults must witness it. At least one of those witnesses cannot be someone who:

  • You’ve chosen as your agent in a medical power of attorney document.
  • Is related to you by blood or marriage.
  • Will receive any part of your estate when you die.
  • Is your attending physician or employed by your attending physician.

To learn more about who can and can’t be a witness to your directive, get in touch with attorney John Goehrs. He can help you choose the right individuals to witness the signing.