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Debt Collection Law Attorney in Austin, Texas

Are You Frustrated by Debt Collection Issues?

Whether You Owe or Are Attempting to Collect, John Goehrs Can Help

If you owe a debt and are constantly hounded by collection agencies, John Goehrs Attorney and Real Estate Broker may be able to help. Many debt collection practices are not only irritating, but they are also against the law under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. If you are being harassed by a company or collection agency, call John Goehrs Attorney and Real Estate Broker for debt law services in the Austin, Texas area.

Sometimes collecting the money that you are rightfully owed is difficult. If you are owed money by a company or individuals, John Goehrs Attorney and Real Estate Broker can help you take legal action and collect on past due accounts. Don’t continue to tolerate the frustrations of being unable to receive what is rightfully owed to you. Call today at (512) 580-8228 to discuss options for seeking the payment you are owed.


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